Bottled Beer

“We’ve tried our best to be as concise and accurate as possible with these beer lists. Due to the nature of brewing methods, the popularity of rare beers and fluctuating supply/demand, the lists are subject to change. Please ask our BeerTenders for up-to-date information and recommendations. After all, it is our job to work with these beers and ‘product test’ on a daily basis.”

LBQ BeerTenders

Quaffers & Session Starters

A celebration of sessionabilty! Beers under 6% that can be enjoyed a little more liberally than their higher-octane cuzzies.

Hallertau No. 1 Luxe Kölsch, Auckland, 330ml (4.5%) 

Tuatara Iti, Kapiti, 330ml (3.3%)

Hop Federation Golden Ale, Nelson, 500ml (4.5%) 

Funk Estate Yes Yes Y'all, Auckland, 330ml Can (3.5%) 

Parrotdog Clipped Wing Mini APA, Wellington, 330ml (3.5%) 

8Wired Hippy Berliner, Warkworth, 330ml (4.5%) 

Liberty Oh Brother!, Auckland, 330ml (5.1%)

Northend Super Alpha, Waikanae, 330ml can (5%) 

Fuller's London Pride, Chiswick/England, 500ml (4.7%) 

Windswept & Interesting

The beers to show-off on ‘Untappd’ with. A category invented for the leftfield, the unorthodox; the ones you must try!

Bach Brewing Cray Porter, Auckland, 330ml (5.6%)

Wild Beer Co/Fork Brewing/Burning Sky Schnoodlepip - barrels + hibiscus + pink peppercorn. UK/NZ colab, 330ml (6.5%)

Mussel Inn Captain Cooker - Manuka tips. Golden Bay, 330ml (5%)

Three Boys Oyster Stout, Christchurch, 500ml (6.2%)

Panhead Lola Deville - rosehip + hibiscus. Upper Hutt, 440ml Can (7%)

Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude - 100% peated golden ale. Invercargill, 330ml (7%) 

Yeastie Boys XERREX - 100% peated imperial golden ale. Invercargill, 330ml (10%) 

8 Wired Mighty Ale - barrel aged peat smoked,

imperial ale. Warkworth, 330ml (11%) 

Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta - Tea leafed IPA.  Everywhere, 330ml (6.5%)

Lager, Lager, Lager!

An ode to cold-fermenting yeast. Contract brews, NZ variants and international brands of the world's most widely available style.

Garage Project BEER, Wellington, 330ml Can (4.8%)

ParrotDog Pandemonium Pilsner, Wellington, 330ml (4.8%)

EPIC Lager, Auckland, 330ml (5%)

Croucher Pilsner, Rotorua, 330ml (5%)

Tuatara Helles, Kapiti, 330ml (5%) 

Tuatara Pilsner, Kapiti, 330ml (5%) 

Corona, Mexico, 330ml (4.5%) 

Three Boys Pilsner, Christchurch, 330ml Can (5.5%)

Zesty, Dry & Quenching

A great selection of beers that could be considered aperitif; the old man might call them fruity. Dry and appetising without the huge THWACK of pungent hop bitterness.

Invercargill Sa!Son – seasonal, Invercargill, 330ml (6%) 

Croucher Pale Ale, Rotorua, 330ml (5%) 

La Chouffe, Achouffe/Belgium, 330ml (8%) 

Emerson’s 1812, Dunedin, 500ml (5%) 

Panhead Quickchange XPA – American

hopped session ale, Wellington, 330ml (4.6%) 

Hoegaarden White, Lueven/Belgium, 330ml (5%)

Three Boys Wheat Beer, Christchurch, 500ml (5%) 

Craftwork Saison –small batch farmhouse ales with a variety of adjuncts. Ask at the bar. Oamaru, 500ml (POA%) 

Schneider Weisse Bier Original, Kelheim/Germany, 500ml (5.4%)

Leffe Blonde, Lueven/Belgium, 330ml (6.6%)

Wigram Hefeweizen, Wigram, 500ml (5%)

Yeastie Boys White Noise, Everywhere, 330ml (5%)

Bitter, Juicy & Hophead Satisfying

A rave of Humulus Lupulus, beers that give a firm nod to Hodgson, Grossman and Camusi. Insanely drinkable pale ales that are fast becoming our most popular style.

Garage Project Garagista IPA, Wellington, 330ml can (5.8%) 

Panhead Supercharger APA, Upper Hutt, 330ml (5.8%) 

Epic Pale Ale, Auckland, 330ml (5.4%) 

Liberty Brewing Co. Yakima Monster, Auckland 500ml (6%) 

Liberty Brewing Company Yakima Scarlet Hoppy Red Ale, Taranaki/Auckland/Kapiti, 500ml (6.9%) 

ParrotDog BitterBitch IPA, Wellington, 330ml (6.3%) 

Bach Brewing Tailfin APA, Auckland, 500ml (6.5%)

Yeastie Boys Digital IPA, Everywhere, 330ml (5.7%)

Northend Fieldway APA, Waikanae, 330ml can (5.8%)

Fork Brewing Godzone Beat, Wellington, 500ml (5.9%)

High B.U.s (a.k.a. the hoppy ones)

A crawl up the International Bittering Unit Scale, these beers take resinous hop bitterness to a whole new level. Similarly herbal, citrusy, piney and hophead satisfying as the previous page only "turned up to 11".

8 Wired Hopwired IPA, Warkworth, 500ml, 70 i.b.u. (7.3%) 

8 Wired Super Conductor Double IPA, Warkworth, 500ml, 90 i.b.u. (8.8%) 

8 Wired Tall Poppy Red IPA, Warkworth, 500ml, 60 i.b.u. (7%) 

ParrotDog Kowhai, Wellington, 500ml 60 i.b.u. (7.9%)

Epic Armageddon IPA, Auckland, 500ml, 60 i.b.u. (6.6%) 

Epic Hop Zombie Double IPA , Auckland, 330ml, i.b.u. (8%) 

Garage Project Pernicious Weed I.P.A, Wellington, 330ml can, 80 i.b.u. (8.5%) 

Liberty Brewing Company Citra I.P.A, Auckland 500ml, 99 i.b.u. (9%) 

Mike’s Taranaki Pale Ale, Taranaki, 330ml, 77 i.b.u. (7%) 

Magic rock Cannonball I.I.P.A, England, U.K, 330ml Can, 60 i.b.u. (7.4%)

Bold, Boozy &/or Barrel Aged

The Big Beers, a category to be respected. Bottles that are often made to share. Sample a beer aged in a wine or whisky barrel to add to its complexity.

8 Wired iStout Imperial Stout, Blenheim, 500ml (10.5%) 

Hallertau Nocturn Double Stout, Auckland, 500ml (8.8%) 

8Wired Batch 2.18 - one off beer brewed in open oak vats (foedres). Warkworth, 500ml (11%) 

Renaissance Tribute Barley Wine 2011, Blenheim, 330ml (10.8%)

Tiamana Even older fritze - barrel aged doppelbok

Moa St. Josephs, Blenheim, 375ml (9.5%) 

Rochefort 10 Rochefort/Belgium, 330ml (11.3%) 

Schneider Weisse Weizen Eisbock Kelheim/Germany, 330ml (12%) 

Mike's R.I.P (Robust imperial porter), Taranaki, 330ml (8.8%)

Garage Project Hellbender - American hopped barley wine. Wellington, 650ml (11.2%) 

EPIC 10 Year Beer - A celebration of the 10yr plus relationship between Epic and Steam Brewing. Barley wine using 5 yeast strains! Auckland, 500ml (10.8%)

Rich, Restorative &/or Roasty (beers to sit on)

Darker, after dinner (or anytime) beers. Rich, fortifying and not too boozy.

Emerson’s London Porter, Dunedin, 500ml (4.9%) 

8Wired Flat white coffee milk stout, Warkworth, 500ml (5.5%) 

Liberty Brewing Company Darkest Days Oatmeal Stout, Auckland, 500ml (6%) 

Invercargill Pitch black stout, Invercargill, 330ml (4.5%)

Tuatara Porter, Kapiti, 330ml (5%) 

ParrotDog Otis - Oatmeal Stout, Wellington, 500ml (6.3%) 

Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black - Stout, Everywhere, 330ml (6%) 

Northend Iron sands - Oat rye stout. Waikanae, 440ml Can (6%)

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout, Bedford/England, 500ml (5.2%) 

Dark & Warming (Fireside Beers)

The winter warmers; get on the chaise-lounge by the fire and open a good book. Sippers that will leave you suitably rejuvenated!

8 Wired Big Smoke Porter, Blenheim/Auckland, 500ml (6.2%) 

Renaissance Craftsman Chocolate - Oatmeal Stout – seasonal, Blenheim, 500ml (5.9%)  

Eagle Coalface Stout, Christchurch, 500ml (6%)

Chimay Blue, Hainaut/Belgium, 330ml (9%)

Mc Chouffe, Achouffe/Belgium, 330ml (8%) 

Leffe Brune, Leuven/Belgium, 330ml (6.5%) 

Rochefort 6, Rochefort/Belgium, 330ml (7.5%) 

Rochefort 8, Rochefort/Belgium, 330ml (9.2%) 

Schneider Weisse Aventinus Doppelbock, Kelheim/Germany, 500ml (8%) 

Emersons JP Reserve (2015), Dunedin, 500ml (7.6%)

Fruit & Funk

Dominated by beers on their O.E. with a couple of kiwi examples of that Belgian way of doing things. Some funky yeasts and microbiology meet, to create beers that are simply the epitomes of their styles.

Hallertau Funkonnay - Sour beer, Auckland, 500ml (6.5%) 

Hallertau Primal Descent - Wild fermented ale, Auckland, 500ml (5.8%)

8Wired Le Fut - Flemish red ale (2013) Auckland, 500ml (6.7%) 

Chimay Red, Hainaut/Belgium, 330ml (5.5%) 

Chimay White, Hainaut/Belgium, 330ml (7%) 

Duvel, Breendock/Belgium, 330ml (8.5%) 

Duchesse de Bourgogne - Limited Stock, Vichte/Belgium, 330ml (8.5%) 

Leffe Blonde, Leuven/Belgium, 330ml (6.6%) 

La Chouffe, Achoufee/Belgium, 330ml (8%) 

Frank Boon Kriek - Cherry lambic, Lembeek/Belgium, 375ml (4.5%)

Rodenbach Grand Cru - Flanders red ale, Roeselare/Belgium, 375ml (5.2%)

Craftwork Seasonal Release - Oamaru nano brewery specialising  in Belgian ales, ask at the bar. POA

Wild Beer Ninkasi - Saison with NZ hops, somerset cider apples and secondary fermented with champagne yeast. Somerset, England, 750ml (9%)


Fermented fruit from some exceptional NZ producers. A range of styles from berry infused, sweet, off-sweet to dry. Far too interesting and refreshing to reserve only for the summer months.

Peckhams Boysenberry Cider, Nelson, 500ml (5.2%) 

Peckhams Elderflower Cider, Nelson, 500ml (5.8%) 

Peckhams Moutere Apple Cider, Nelson, 500ml (5.8%) 

Peckhams Homeblock Blend 1 – limited release bittersweet apple cider, Nelson, 500ml (6.9%) 

Peckhams Kir (Blackcurrant) Cider, Nelson, 500ml (5.8%) 

Peckhams Moutere Perry Cider, Nelson, 500ml (7.5%) 

Zeffer Apple Cider, Matakana, 330ml (5%) 

Zeffer Slack Ma Girdle, Matakana, 500ml (7%) 

Hallertau Granny Smith, Auckland, 330ml (5.1%)

Paynters Dry Cider, Hawkes Bay, 500ml (6%)

Abel Cider, Nelson, 500ml (7%)

White Wine


Bandini Prosecco, Italy

Laurent Perrier NV, France 

Bollinger NV, France 

Sauvignon Blanc

MOMO Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough

Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 


Seresin Chardonnay ‘17, Marlborough

Pinot Gris

Decibel ‘Giunta’ Pinot Gris, Nelson 


Black Estate ‘Treble’ Organic Rose ‘19, Waipara 

Riesling & Aromatics

Amisfield Dry Riesling ‘17 Central Otago

Red Wine

Decibel ‘Giunta’ Malbec Nouveau ‘19,  Hawkes Bay

Vandal Combat Rouge ‘18, Marlborough

European Reds

Merinas Organic Tempranillo ‘17, Spain

Pinot Noir

Mount Edward ‘The Ted’ Pinot Noir ‘18, Central Otago

Amisfield Pinot Noir ‘16, Central Otago



Scotch Whisky

Dalwhinnie 15 year-old, North Highland 

Oban 14 year-old West, Highland 

Isle Of Jura 10 year-old, Highland & Islands 

Ardmore Traditional Cask 8 year-old, Highland 

Ardbeg 10 year-old, Islay 

Laphroaig 10 year-old, Islay 

Lagavulin 16 year-old, Islay 

Macleod’s Speyside (unnamed distillery) 

year-old Speyside 

Benromach 10 year-old, Speyside 

The Glenlivet 12 year-old, Speyside 

Knockando 12 year-old, Speyside 

Glenfiddich 12 year-old, Speyside 

Talisker 10 year-old Skye 

Thomson ‘Two Tone’ Whisky, Willowbanks/New Zealand 

Whiskey & Bourbon

Jameson Irish Whiskey, Cork/Ireland 

Bushmills Black, Antrim/Northern Ireland 

Koval Rye, Chicago, USA

Slow Hand White Whiskey, California/USA 

Bulleit Bourbon, Kentucky/USA 

Jim Beam Black Label Triple Aged Bourbon, Kentucky/USA 

Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Whiskey Kentucky/USA 

Brandy & Cognac

St-Remy Napoleon Brandy, France 

Hennessy VSOP, France 


Appleton Estate VX, Jamaica 

Appleton Estate 12 year-old,  Jamaica 

Appleton Estate 21 year-old,  Jamaica 

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, West Indies 

Havana Club Anejo Blanco, Cuba 

Havana Club Anejo Especiale, Cuba 

Sailor Jerry, Caribbean 

Stolen White Rum, New Zealand 

Stolen Golden Rum, New Zealand 

Mount Gay, Barbados 


42 Below Passionfruit, New Zealand 

42 Below Manuka Honey, New Zealand 

42 Below Feijoa, New Zealand 

Absolute Vanilla, Sweden 

Belvedere, Poland

Grey Goose, France 

House Spirits

42 Below Vodka Pure, New Zealand

Tanqueray Gin, Scotland 

Bacardi White Rum, Jamaica 

Jose Cuervo Traditional, Mexico 

J & B Rare Scotch Whisky, Scotland 

Mckenna Bourbon, Kentucky, USA 

Appleton Estate X/V,  Jamaica 


Almighty Juices 


Coca Cola/Diet Coke 

Schweppes Lemonade/Tonic/Soda/Ginger Ale 

Karma Cola/Gingerella/Lemmy 

Coffee & Tea

Bottomless Filtered Flight Coffee 

Add milk 

T leaf Tea English Breakfast/Earl Grey/Peppermint