"Nice One Turkish"

Babaganoush base, grilled zucchini, basil and dressed roquette. ($10 Thursday lunch. 9-inch)

9 inch: $17
12 inch: $23

Old Red Eyes

House smoked chicken, sriracha sauce, coriander/lime pesto, philly cream cheese. ($10 Thursday lunch. 9-inch)

9 inch: $17
12 inch: $23

We love meat

House smoked chicken, bacon, bbq sauce, confit onion, prosciutto.

9 inch: $19
12 inch: $25


Spiced Italian pork sausage, mushroom, parmesan, balsamic red peppers.

9 inch: $18
12 inch: $24

Maggie May

Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, basil, parmesan. ($10 Thursday lunch. 9-inch)

9 inch: $15
12 inch: $20

Panhandle Green

Baby spinach, artichokes, olives, feta

9 inch: $17
12 inch: $23

Carrotdog Special

Salami, olives, mushrooms and anchovy.

9 inch: $18
12 inch: $24

ALL our pizza's are made with housemade pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese, please let us know about any dietary requirements.

9 inch: $
12 inch: $
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To Share

LBQ Platter

A generous house platter of; flatbread and dips, olives, onion bhajis, free range chicken bites, prosciutto, house pickles and kingsmede cheddar.



Two cheeses, pickled vegetables, mash tun beer grain crackers & chutney.

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Triple cooked hand cut fries with aioli and tomato relish.


Handcut chips with Truffle oil, parmesan and aioli.


Raw vege batons with house dips


Beer battered fries with aioli


Stone Baked flat bread and dips.


Mixed Marinated Olives


Parrotdog pilsner battered fish pieces, tartare, grilled lemon.


Salt and pepper calamari with aioli.


Edamame with soy dressing


Housemade Onion Bhajis


Housemade free range chicken bites




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Lunch & Dinner Mains

Soft Shell Taco's

Three Taco's with slaw, salsa and guacamole, served either; Vegan ( Southern Fried Tempeh & Black Bean) or with fish, ( Blackened Warehou & Smoked Pineapple Salsa)


Parrotdog Pilsner Battered Fish & Chips

With salad, tartare and grilled lemon. ($10 Thursday lunch)


Mixed Grain Salad

Israeli Couscous and quinoa with baked vegetables and spiced cauliflower. Served with Feta, grated beetroot and a herb dressing. ($10 Thursday lunch)



NZ Green Lip Mussels, steamed in white wine, saffron and tomato sauce. Served with a housemade garlic flatbread.

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LBQ Burger

200g beef patty, cheddar cheese, free range bacon, Beer battered onion rings, pickles, lettuce.



200g beef patty, cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce, aioli. ($10 Thursday lunch)


Vegan Burger

Crispy Quinoa patty, hummus, sliced cucumber and fresh baby spinach ($10 Thursday lunch)


Fried Chicken Burger

Free range southern fried chicken, cheddar cheese, hot sauce, free range bacon, pickles, lettuce.

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